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Cristina was born in 1977 in Romania. She completed her studies in France, Germany and Romania, where she obtained a university degree in translating and conference interpreting. She started her professional activity in 2000 and founded Logotec Language Services in 2001. Cristina is a Romanian native speaker and her multilingual knowledge extends to English, French, Italian and German.


o Translations

Translation of documents, website content, software strings and user interfaces, Online- Help files, presentation slides, articles, brochures, etc.

o Software Localization

Translation and adaptation of manuals, marketing materials, branding, software interfaces, etc., to the requirements of the target language and country.

o Proofreading

Additional revision of translations run by language or field experts in order to assure a premium quality product prior to its print or publication.

o Project Management

Preparation and management of multilingual projects, coordination of the workflow process, TM update, final linguistic and formal check.

o Database Maintenance

Creation and maintenance of client-oriented or field-oriented databases and glossaries, ensuring terminological consistency and precision.

o Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Text and image processing and management of various files in CorelDraw, Illustrator, FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, PowerPoint, Interleaf, etc.

o Interpreting Services

Simultaneous or consecutive translations of corporate meetings, conferences, workshops, assistance to fairs, briefings and so forth.

o Language Courses

Language tutoring by native speaking language tutors with a focus on the client’s field of work or his general interests.

o Subtitling

Superimposing of written translations on films, documentaries, TV transmissions, etc., to facilitate viewing in different target languages.

o Transcriptions

Transcriptions of audio and video recordings such as speeches, interviews, verbal questionnaires, advertisements, various meetings, etc.


For over ten years, through our main business partners, we have completed major projects for famous end clients such as companies and enterprises all over the world. Some examples of projects may be found at: http://www.logotec-ls.com/?id=8


Where technology provides value, we provide technology. Our office equipment includes state-of-the-art computers (OS: Windows XP, Mac OS X), CD-RW and DVD-RW units, external drives and storage media for backups, standard software packages (including CD-ROM and DVD dictionaries, multi-term glossaries and encyclopedia), laptops, printers (Laser and Inkjet), scanners, faxes, a large bandwidth ADSL connection with an ISDN option and full internet access 24 hours a day.

We use multi-trackware detection and removal tools (against malwares, adwares or spywares) and an antivirus system, which is constantly updated and fully active for all incoming and outgoing information that we exchange with our clients and/or collaborators. All information submitted to us is therefore carefully stored, protected, and kept strictly confidential.

Our long-time presence on the market has allowed us to acquire extensive experience in the use of programs such as:

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, MS Works
PageMaker, FrameMaker, QuarkExpress
HTML and XML- editors
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Picture It, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro
Interleaf, Visio, Omnipage, Acrobat Distiller and Reader
Frontpage, Macromedia, CuteFTP
DejaVu, Trados, Transit, SDLX (tools enabling the creation and the update of specific databases and multi-term glossaries per project or per client)


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