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Lviv State University




• Translation of many documents for the Immigration Organisations (since January 1998)
• Translation of a Webasto heating system manual (spare parts, servicing, etc.) from English to Ukrainian and Polish. December 1999. 10000 words;
• Translation of various documents for non-government organizations. Since 2002. 12000 words;
• Web translation of several Ukrainian and Austrian sites from to English. October 2002. +/- 15000 words;
• Translation of technical documents on computer networking from English to Ukrainian. September 2002. 10000 words;
• Translation of 3COM Router User Guides in .doc and .ppt format June – July – September – November 2002. +/- 70000 words;
• Translation of magazines specialized in IT from German to Polish.
• Translation of a technical user guide (auto alarms) from English to Russian. February 2002. +/- 60000 words;
• Translation of Flash presentations from English to German about Thermal Ceramics. June/July 2002. +/-20000 words;
• Translation of country guides about Poland and Hungary... from Spanish to Ukrainian. March 2002. 5000 words;
• Translation of CD Burner user guides from English to French. February 2002;
• Translation of the monthly e-business newsletter from English to French. 2000-2001;
• Proofreading of Press releases translations and parts of the website from English to Russian for a company specialized in content management (2000).
• Localization of OpenConcept Consulting software(PHP).
• Localization of Autoindex script.


• Microsoft Office XP (Excel, Powerpoint), Windows XP, Dreamweaver 4.0, Frontpage 2000, Fireworks 4.0

• Wordcount: Webbudget, Freebudget, Align Tools;

• Website download: Webzip 4.0;

• Translation memory: Wordfast, Trados, SDLXLite, Translator Studio

• Security: PGP 7.03.



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